Amy McFadden has narrated over 400 titles and has a REP to PROTECT in Humor, Romance, Not-Super-Violent Thrillers…and various (often delightfully ridiculous) combinations thereof.

Audie Award Winner The Brink (Short Stories)
5-time Audie Award Finalist in Humor, Lit Fic, Mystery/Thriller and Short Story
Earphones Award Winner Romance, Mystery/Thriller
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Life and other near death experiances
Life and Other Near-Death Experiences
Camille Pagán Read by Amy McFadden


“Amy McFadden’s calm, quiet voice complements Libby Miller’s demeanor as she faces the trials and tribulations of her life. Libby is handling her broken marriage and cancer diagnosis as best as she can. Eventually, they lead her to new love and unforgettable experiences in the Caribbean. McFadden’s depiction of the dialogue between soft-spoken Libby and her deep-voiced new love make this a worthwhile listen. Even though Libby has a soft, feminine tone, her inner strength is depicted with hints of sarcasm and wit, especially during conversations with her husband and controlling boss. This soothing listen will inspire a more fulfilling life.”- D.Z. © AudioFile 2015, Portland, Maine [Published: DECEMBER 2015]

Can't Stop Loving You
Can’t Stop Loving You.
Miranda Liasson Read by Amy McFadden


“When Roman Spikonos returns to the little town of Mirror Lake, Bella D’Angelo, who loved Roman when they were young, has to face her feelings, their history, and her dreams of a future without the burden of the past. Amy McFadden’s narration is simply enjoyable. The characters’ voices are distinct and creative. The poignant story is funny and full of life lessons. This is an easy-listening portrayal of family, love, and friendship. Put your earphones on and enjoy a sweet romance.”- A.C.P. © AudioFile 2017, Portland, Maine [Published: FEBRUARY 2017]

The Status of All Things
Liz Fenton & Lisa Steinke Read by Amy McFadden


“Narrator Amy McFadden voices Kate’s heartache as she reels from being dumped by her fiancé shortly before the scheduled “I do’s.” When she voices her wish to rewrite the last month on her Facebook page, Kate discovers that whatever she writes becomes reality. Relief and joy flood McFadden’s voice at this realization. It’s a whirlwind journey as Kate looks past online profiles and appearances to focus on the truth of her relationship. McFadden does a terrific job of voicing friends Liam and Jules, who benefit from a few of Kate’s more frivolous wishes while they flank their friend with unwavering support. Listeners will laugh and cry during McFadden’s vibrant portrayal of Fenton’s story of free will and fate.”- A.L.C. © AudioFile 2015, Portland, Maine [Published: SEPTEMBER 2015]

Tattoos and TaTas
Tara Sivec Read by Amy McFadden


“This is the BREAST!”-Tara Sivec
-Anna’s Attic Book Blog: Hands down, the BEST audiobook narration I have heard.
I have to say, the narrator in Tattoos and Tatas was perfect.
She was exactly how I pictured Liz’s voice to be, normal. Someone I want to hang out with. Approachable. Never over or under acted, yet you could feel the emotion. She could not have picked a better reader for the job.

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Read by Amy McFadden


“Though Amy McFadden’s precise articulation is obvious at first, it soon becomes an aspect of her performance that expresses certitude–a pleasing confidence that works well with the clear insights and concrete suggestions in this excellent book. Combined with her vocal likability, it’s an effective vehicle for this kind of content. After a reassuring summary of why we develop ineffective email habits, the author offers thoughtful tips for separating high- and low-priority emails and responding–or not responding–to them. Her thoughtful overviews of the major issues we have managing email are satisfying, and there’s a plethora of strategies and email scripts for every occasion. More than just improving how we manage our priorities and communicating, this audio will help many listeners rediscover their mojo and take back control of their lives.”- T.W. © AudioFile 2017, Portland, Maine [Published: MARCH 2017]

Young Adult (Playful)
Rules of Regret by Megan Squires
Read by Amy McFadden


Young Adult (Serious)
Rules of Regret by Megan Squires
Read by Amy McFadden


darkest minds
The Darkest Minds
Alexandra Bracken Read by Amy McFadden


AUDIBLE Review:I did not notice her performance – her voice(s) and the story blended together. That is the perfect experience for me. When I am constantly thinking about the reader – they are doing it wrong.
YA (Dark Urban Fantasy)

Craig Tollifson Read by Amy McFadden

McStudio Sample (my home studio)


Who was your favorite character and why?
Brad. Well, not so much Brad as the really effective and comedic use of Brad and his name.
What about Amy McFadden’s performance did you like?
Great voice work. She provided a variety of characters’ voice, all distinct and interesting. It was pretty much faultless and the little audio flourishes that were added in on occasion (a particular interview comes to mind) were perfect.
-”Kingsley” on Audible

Cathy Lamb Read by Amy McFadden


“There is grief, pain and tragedy, deeply felt and sensitively explored, but all tempered by heart, humor and even romance. A story about love, family and courage, I laughed, I cried, I loved!”

Sarah Fine Read by Amy McFadden


I listened to most of SANCTUM on audio, but also went back and forth on my eBook and paperback. But I loved the narration so much that I preferred the audiobook over actually reading the book. The narrator Amy McFadden was one of the best narrators that I’ve come across in a while. She performed Malachi, the male love interested with such beauty, and with an enticing accent that always made me want to curl my toes in desire!!
-Alicia (Addicted Readers)
What does Amy McFadden bring to the story that you wouldn’t experience if you just read the book? She’s very good at portraying the teenage attitudes of the characters, both when she narrates the thoughts of the main character and when she reads the words of others. -Richard (on Audible)

Jincy Willett Read by Amy McFadden


Amy McFadden taps her outstanding comedic talent to become Amy Gallup, a 62-year-old novelist and writing instructor from California whose trip and fall while trying to plant a Norfolk pine results in one calamitous and transformative event after another. McFadden performs Willett’s witty satire with humor and irony. Yet she’s savvy enough to emphasize the tender over the sardonic. Events after Gallup’s fall and mild concussion conspire to forge amazing adventures and life changes—from the ridiculous to the profound. The before and after become a plausible dichotomy that both author and performer achieve beautifully.
A.W. Winner of AudioFile Earphones Award, 2014 Audies Finalist © AudioFile 2013, Portland, Maine [Published: JULY 2013]

Debbie Macomber Read by Amy McFadden
Narrator Amy McFadden provides the perfect blend of romantic tension and humor in these two stories of love blooming in the workplace. In “Love ‘n’ Marriage,” McFadden captures the easy banter between Stephanie and her four co-workers, the four being romance book addicts who want nothing more than to see their feisty and strong-willed friend tame her seemingly stone-hearted boss, Jonas. The second story, “Almost an Angel,” pits Bethany against her boss, Joshua. McFadden captures the high-energy charm of Joshua’s 10-year-old daughter as well as Bethany’s conflict between nurturing the girl and remaining emotionally uninvolved with her boss. McFadden’s animated voice and smooth transitions between characters’ voices make for an enticing listening experience.
M.F. © AudioFile 2013, Portland, Maine [Published: FEBRUARY 2013]

Nina Sovich Read by Amy McFadden
Narrator Amy McFadden captures the free-spirited and unsettled nature of Nina Sovich, a young woman who feels bound by the confines of her high-pressure job in Paris and her new life with her French husband. Dreading what she perceives as a suffocating life, Sovich takes a cue from two women who are important to her: her mother, who periodically punctuated her suburban life with solo “escapes” during the author’s early life, and Mary Kingsley, a nineteenth-century British woman who set off for the unknown in Western Africa to find adventure. McFadden sounds youthful and confident in describing the author’s adventures in Western Africa. Her voicing is clear, and she manages to convey a bit of the author’s self-indulgent tone.
S.E.G. © AudioFile 2013, Portland, Maine [Published:AUGUST 2013]

Elizabeth George Read by Amy McFadden
In George’s debut young-adult fiction, Amy McFadden portrays Becca, a teen who is on the run from her stepfather, a con man who used her psychic powers to extract money from the elderly. McFadden seamlessly combines paranormal events with the adolescent crises of a teen who finds herself on her own. Becca is befriended by Debbie, a recovering alcoholic, and Seth, a musician who is also on the fringes of society. Plagued by a learning disability and problems with his love life, Seth sounds whiny and too young for his 17 years, but McFadden skillfully portrays the troubled Becca and the voices that haunt her. McFadden also creates strong portraits of secondary characters such as Debbie’s ebullient grandchildren.
© AudioFile 2013, Portland, Maine [Published: AUGUST 2013]