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Meanwhile on Twitter…

Tasteful Holiday Traditions (uh, no) https://t.co/NTFqH5VvNg
amymcnarrator photo
Tara Sivec @TaraSivec
🎉The Holidays series is now available on audio! Tell your friends!

🎧 https://t.co/ddetYYsELs https://t.co/6XF8WmuWy2

Did you get this yet? 🧡🧡 https://t.co/FtPjczKa1l
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Chirp @ChirpBooks
Today's #DailyDeal is #AndThenYouGone by @Rjjacobs75 and narrated by @amymcnarrator !

Emily’s life is coming together — but when her boyfriend, Paolo, disappears during a sailing trip, Emily finds herself spiraling and accused of murder…

https://t.co/ZY71L2HZMJ https://t.co/JWYqR0jptQ

Yaaay! I love this series, too! Thank you!🧡 https://t.co/Lp3f7JW6JA