It’s Shopping Season, so I thought I’d give listeners some gift ideas for people of all ages. The following posts are links to books and a gift that fits the theme or tone, or is referenced in the story.   Happy Everything! -amy



This one was even recommended by the Chicago Tribune! Whoa! Here’s what they said:  (See below for companion gift.)

Amy Falls Down by Jincy Willett (Narrated by Amy McFadden, Brilliance, $14.99)

Forget Dave Barry. Put down that David Sedaris. No book made me laugh more in 2014 than “Amy Falls Down.” Novelist Amy Gallup has given up writing as well as meaningful contact with the outside world. Her closest friend is her basset hound, who changes her life when he distracts her as she moves a heavy potted plant. She loses her balance and strikes her head on a birdbath. Moments later, the addled Amy answers the door to a reporter whom she had intended to send packing. Instead, in her semi-conscious state, she gives an interview that, through the magic of the Internet, transforms her into a celebrity — a very outspoken one. Narrator Amy McFadden displays perfect comic timing, creating a solid and believable Amy, making clear that this is more than a comic novel. It is the story of a woman coming back to life.

COMPANION GiFT:  Moleskine notebook (you’ll get the connection when you’ve read the book-it’s funny and practical and comes in lots of pretty colors).

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