HOLIDAY SHOPPING FOR TEENS: #GuardsOfTheShadowlands @finesarah

It’s Shopping Season, so I thought I’d give listeners some gift ideas for people of all ages. The following posts are links to books and a gift that fits the theme, tone, or is referenced in the story. Happy Everything! -amy

GUARDS OF THE SHADOWLANDS (Sarah Fine) Series includes 3 books: Sanctum, Chaos, and Fractured.


A week ago, 17-year-old Lela Santos’ best friend, Nadia, killed herself. Today, thanks to a farewell ritual gone awry, Lela is standing in paradise, looking upon a vast gated city in the distance – hell.

Amy on Shadowlands V3 Compressed  (This is a video of me, proclaiming the awesomeness of these books.)

LINK to Audible books:

Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned Mousepad,131029664

Cute German Boys 2015 Calendar (NO Frontal Nudity)

HOLIDAY SHOPPING FOR TEENS #DarkestMinds @alexbracken

It’s Shopping Season, so I thought I’d give listeners some gift ideas for people of all ages. The following posts are links to books and a gift that fits the theme, tone, or is referenced in the story. Happy Everything! -amy

THE DARKEST MINDS series by Alexandra Bracken (Teens-Adult)                                                                                             Series includes 3 books: The Darkest Minds, Never Fade, In the Afterlight

darkestminds  This dystopian young adult series is HUGE! (Think The Hunger Games and Divergent)Fox picked it up for a mini-series, so get it now before it airs.  Elton John and The Rolling Stones are prominent at important moments in the stories, so couple the books with some songs or an album from iTunes.

LINK to the Audiobooks on Audible



I Will Hold My Death Close by Stant Litore



This is a beautiful coming of age story.  Yes, there are some undead-ish beings (dare we call them ZOMBIES?) but this tale is timeless and the tone is neither one of horror or comedy, as most zombie-laden stories are. It’s a simple, compelling story of strength, sadness, bravery and love. Not romance-but Love. Read or listen, or both!

Here’s a link to a video he made about the audiobook version.


Hey…I’m so happy you’re here.

DownloadedFile-1The news is all hyperbolically cry-worthy this week, but Robin Williams’ suicide hit me the hardest. Here’s why: We lost a selfless GIVER. He gave everything in him to his audiences, his scene partners, and to other people struggling with addictions and depression. All of the other problems in the world right now seem too complex to wrap my mind around any kind of a solution, but in Robin Williams’ life, I could hold on to something.  Not saying I’d want to be married to him, but if you made a balance sheet for what he took and what he gave, I think “gave” would win by miles. He’ll be remembered and loved because of what he gave to millions of us-but also because of what he gave to individuals. He went to Andy Dick’s stand up shows and was the only one who laughed at his jokes. Can’t top that.  He saw a human being-one hurt, struggling, mess of a human being and gave him his laughter. He knew platitudes and advice weren’t going to help. He just gave Andy what he instinctively knew he needed-to be valued.

Many of his friends and colleagues recounted running into Williams and being held in a hug that enveloped them in love and energy. He was just so excited to see that one person that he would pour love onto him. That’s what I’m holding onto. I can’t prevent genocide in Iraq or cure Putin’s megalomania, but I CAN look at the one- persons around me and let them know I’m happy they’re here.

Catherine Bybee’s Not Quite Forever is Quite a Favorite!

DownloadedFileCatherine Bybee’s latest in her Not Quite series is so good! It’s a 2014 RONE Award winner in the Contemporary category .  This whole series sexy and engaging (no pun intended, Romance lovers).   Can’t say too much more because it’s not out yet, but you can read about AND pre-order it (because you trust me) at

Also in this series: Not Quite Dating, Not Quite Mine, Not Quite Enough-all with very different lead characters (all of whom you will fall in love with).  Good fun!

Amish Buggy Ride…A Visit with Sarah Price

sarahinstudio Author Sarah Price was in the studio with me at Brilliance Audio this week, and while we didn’t actually hitch up a mare and buggy-away, we did tour Brilliance Audio (on foot). That’s her on the headsets getting a feel for where and how audio books get made. It was so fun to have her and a whole group from Waterfall Publishing in to tour this week. At one point we had about 12 people in the studio listening!

Amish Buggy Ride is her latest-and after fans clamored for her stories to be told in audio format, well, she obliged! I was happy to be a part of it. The story is very sweet! I really loved portraying her ernest- and sometimes very flawed- characters as they negotiated troubles that affect their close-knit Amish community. The ideas that we are all responsible for our own actions, and for taking care of each other, are very simple- yet not always so easy to do.  Sarah Price tells of this struggle very well.

Also…I’m pretty sure you’ll fall in love with Samuel for his persistent happiness and his integrity. He shows love and strength in so many ways.


Note: This book is an Amish Romance-it’s not “steamy.”


Calling All Smart Tweens with a Sense of Humor…

…and a love of history. Or even a LIKE of history. You know, something that’s fun and interesting to read that has a bunch of true stuff in it even though it’s fiction. It’s MOXIE AND THE ART OF RULEBREAKING by Erin Dionne. I really love the relationship Moxie and Ollie have-it was fun to perform a real, true friendship between a boy and a girl. It’s too bad adults don’t often think those are possible! Anyway, this story is full of action and it’s a mystery-one of my favorite genres.


Here’s a review of the book and audiobook:

The Three Narrateers in NYC

Tanya Eby, Me and Kate Rudd in cab in NYC

Tanya Eby, Me and Kate Rudd in cab in NYC

Three of us from Brilliance Audio in Michigan went to NYC for the national Audio Publishers Association Conference (APAC) and the Audie Awards Gala. Here’s us (one martini in) to a night of mixers and minglings.  Those smiles are real, and were NOT alcohol-induced. Everyone was so welcoming and open, but we still banded together for the week under the moniker “The Three Narrateers!” The madcap movie of our adventures is most likely not forthcoming, so, umm…just enjoy this picture.